Tips for waste sorting


There is plenty to sort in the home, and each of us sorts a smaller or larger amount of household, bio, glass, metal, cardboard, energy, and paper waste, along with batteries. Make home sorting and storage of waste nice and easy by choosing bins of the correct size and appearance for these tasks.

Think about what you sort, and how and where you do your sorting. A kitchen, utility room, entryway, and storage room can all be good sorting places. Waste-sorting in the kitchen: Food scraps and packaging waste are sorted in the kitchen. A week's worth of newsprint and cardboard waste may be gathered and stored in the utility room to be dropped off at a recycling point when you visit the store.

Tips for sorting waste

A good rule of thumb is to keep items where they are needed. Whether all item need to be on hand at all times or less frequently used items could be kept in a closet is also worth considering.

- Service Co-ordinator Mari Liikonen