Stala*Neo – the modern changes form

Stala*Neo sinks are the newest innovation in Stala's selection of stainless-steel sinks. A streamlined shape gives the Neo a modern and harmonious look. The sinks are also more practical, with a slightly more rounded shape. The functionality of the Stala*Neo showcases many details: its easy-to-use base design along with use of Stala*MONO edge connections for the sink top and worktop. The sink's overflow and Design bottom sieve form a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean
Neo inset sink

The new Neo fares well in wear and appearance Stala is known for its strong stainless steel, which is exactly what is used in the Neo. Stainless steel is a hassle-free material and easy to care for, and it withstands even heavy everyday use.

Neo sink modelsThe Stala*Neo product line includes eight sink models, with and without a draining board. All products come with tap-installation holes, a wire base vent, a space-saving water trap, and a tap support as standard.

Stala kitchen products' mutual compatibility enables almost limitless, versatile use.

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