Brand image transformed


Stala's story began in the 1970s with production of worktops for home kitchens and strong expertise in stainless steel. A strong understanding of everyday life, practical and unique solutions, and making use of safe and long-lasting materials have been the cornerstone of our business from the very beginning. New materials have been introduced alongside stainless steel. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of materials gave birth to our selection of products for a new area. Leftover materials from sink drains were utilised for a new product, a weather-resistant mailbox made of stainless steel.

Our mission here at Stala is to bring ease to everyday life. Alongside users, we develop solutions to make everyday life easier with the best possible tools for the kitchen, the garden, and care for the home. In 2013, we adopted a new motto and image, which reflect our business well.

Stala's brand image transformed