The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the start to both a pleasant morning and a relaxing evening. The kitchen is full of life, attracting everyone.

Home Care

Small, everyday tasks reflect love. Laundry, cleaning, washing, and tidiness. How else could you show concretely how much you care? Show that you love. Your family and home.


A home is like a garden – the practical things are needed before it can flourish. To function well, a home needs well-functioning features. Details improve everyday life, both for you and for the important people in your life. Enjoy life and the people close to you.

Stala*Designer planning program

Try Stala's planning program for customer made kitchen worktops with specific measurements. You can share, save, and print your plan.


Stala as a brand

Every day is important. Each minute is valuable. Enjoyable times, large and small, are all around us in everyday life. What is important is to be found at home. Everyday life is enjoyable when there is time to focus on what is important and the best tools are in use. Stala is part of everyday life, You’re at home with Stala.

In the kitchen, in the garden, and for caring for your home.


The story of Stala's growth

Stala's story began in 1972, when founder Reino Rajamäki purchased the worktop-manufacturing portion of Upo and started expanding the business during the construction boom of the 1970s. Stala soon became known for its strong stainless steel and unique worktops, measured to fit customers' needs. Over the past few decades, the home and life overall have changed, and kitchen use has become more varied. The work area for dish-washing has grown into the kitchen's multipurpose centre for washing, rinsing, chopping, and straining.

Design has always been part of Stala's business and is still reflected in all of the company's products and operations. Practical and functional, with respect for the users. Easy everyday life, unique solutions, and durable materials remain the cornerstones of our business. Today our product selection includes washing counters, sinks, worktops, waste-sorting bins, and even mailboxes.  

In 2000, ownership was transferred to the next generation, with the managing director's duties taken over by Reino's daughter, Tuija Rajamäki. We operate in more than 10 countries, and our factory is in Lahti, Finland. The sales department is based in Sweden. Exports account for more than 30% of Stala's business operations.

Stala today

Turnover                                  Trade abroad
9,5 M€                                       approx. 30% of turnover


Managing Director               

Tuija Rajamäki                     

Production site                       Sales office            
Lahti                                           Stockholm, Sweden

Worktops & sinks                      Kitchen accessories
Waste sorting systems              Mailboxes & Garden modules

Sinfonia Lahti